View Full Version : For the love of god, CONTEXT CONTROL SCHEMES

04-19-2017, 06:44 PM
Pretty much every game ever has some form of context controls. Different controls for vehicles, different controls for on foot, sometimes even different controls for mounts.

Can we PLEASE get a control scheme like this? The game already has the ability to put out a context bar for things like gliders and costumes and such, so the game understands when we are on vehicles and gliders and such. We really need *individual* control schemes for boats, cars, mounts, gliders, etc. Everything shouldn't be controlled off of just character controls, because that is extremely limiting. For example, I set my strafe to A and D. This used to be turning. In order to get turning incorporated into vehicles, I was forced to set a key combination in order to perform basic functionality in a vehicle or on a mount. This is incredibly difficult to do and buggy, because sometimes I have to repeatedly press keys that control turning in order for them to register.I currently have Alt+A and Alt+D to turn, and I usually have to press A or D more than once after hitting alt before it registers. This is understandably frustrating.

04-19-2017, 09:37 PM
This, please. Multiple status-sensitive shortcut bars has been long overdue. I mean, players even image costumes to get rid of the special abilities because they interfere with regular shortcuts.