View Full Version : Muzzy: Aegis Island Event, bugged for Player Nations

06-15-2017, 11:30 AM
There is a lot more issues with faction alignment.Aegis: event NPCs and Quest giver on the top of the tower (quest giver is yellow, but does not give quest)Whalesong: Tower is hostile, but if nation has an alliance, ally faction tower is friendly (gun can't be used there though)Auroria: Harbor NPCs are hostileAll Nui statues are hostile. (old issue)Ally faction guards are hostile every second week (!!!) Hi Thorondor!I had our team look into these, and it turns out we've had them bugged with XL for a while now. Some of them as far back as February. We've included videos that we've taken, as well as videos made by the community in hopes of getting this fixed. We've re-pinged them about these issues, so hopefully they'll take the tasks off the backburner and get them sorted out for you all.

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