View Full Version : BigDataDude: Almost the whole game is on hold until the trade system is fixed.

06-17-2017, 02:00 PM
Since bigdatadude is willing to chime in, there is one simple questions he can answer which will put this issue to rest: Is more charcoal being generated with the new system in 3.5 than was being generated in 3.0? If the answer is "there is more charcoal being generated", then the second important question is "how much more". 3.5 introduced multiple new forms of charcoal sinks, and the addition of new gear further increased the demand. This is the simplest metric with which one can demonstrate if the system is 'working' or not. Not that "people are participating" but "does this system meet the demand of the economy". If less charcoal is being generated, regardless of player participation, then the system is objectively a failure and needs to be modified. I get what you're wanting and I see the reasoning and it's a good question. However, Merv already said the system needed tuning though so I don't understand the point in pulling more data that says the system needs tuning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d9Q4JxeORc&t=984sit starts around 27:00-28:00If you do not want to watch:"We do recognize this as a problem and are going to push for resolution. Definitely going to try and make it so cargo is more accessible because what the hell the crafting system is dependent on it.I saw chat earlier talking about charcoal and obviously cargo is the gating system there, this needs to work correctly and in my opinion it doesn't currently"

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