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06-21-2017, 11:20 AM
Hey everyone,The discussion here has really hopped off the OP's original line of thought. We are entirely aware that there are some awesome elements to this incredibly deep game, as well as some glaring flaws. We do read every post, but we don't always respond. There isn't always something to respond to. Sometimes conversations quickly jump off the original track, and sometimes they are just repeating what was said in other threads. If we respond in one thread, we most likely won't be responding in another. We'll often respond in the largest thread because that is where most of the players are going (numbers bring numbers). Sometimes Trion responding can inject a derailment as well. I believe it's good for players to discuss for a bit without much interference from us so that we get the unaltered discussion. Granted there are different types of conversations and that idea doesn't always fit the situation. We hear you and we discuss forum content regularly. I didn't respond to the Ode issue in the forums, but while I was on the livestream I talked about it briefly because I had been following that thread. I don't want to have to police the discussion, but there is a lot of fluff that doesn't actually move conversations forward, and that comes in many forms. Keep posting. Keep discussing. We'll keep reading and discussing as well. Thank you to those that provide well thought out, respectful responses that push the conversation forward and don't get bogged down in the salt. I'm okay with people showing their displeasure with something, but there is a decent way to do it. Be respectful of those reading and responding, and follow the forum rules. This is where I get my ammo to represent you. Give me good ammo.Cheers,Muzzy

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