View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Why does this game have a "permanent" chat ban?

06-26-2017, 01:10 PM
This is both a sly show of the administration and also a complain, why does this game have a "permanent" chat ban.Well, you must be asking, "why shouldn't it?"For starters, there is an optional filter that you can enable or disable which prevents most words that are considered offensive to be spoken(n****, f***, c**t).So if a sensitive snowflake is hurt by statements very easily, he or she can just enable the filter and prevent this trouble.Why am I complaining about this? Because all events that exist need you to x up in the nation or faction chat.For rift, for PvP, for library, for TRs, for pretty much anything. When a tragedy such as an offensive initiation occurs, the GMs can place a long ban, such as 1d, 2d, 7d, or even 2 weeks but a PERMANENT one is a very harsh ban I believe.That being said, I was PERMANENTLY chat banned for calling my friend(yes we're both black and this is basically how we talk) an n word.I appealed over and over explaining how this was just a friendly gesture(and it was on shout chat), and someone took it the wrong way and reported me for using the word.I was told by the GM that I would receive a permanent chat ban because this is my 4th violation.Firstly.. This is my 3rd violation and my last 2 violations were 1y+ ago.The GMs dont even know how to differentiate between violations.. chat violations and game violations are different. One of my violations was a game violation and hence it doesn't add up to this.Yet after appealing several times, I was permanently chat banned from a game I have put a lot of work and dedication, lot of man hours into. This is the exact reason our rules have a split between public channels and private channels. If you want to talk to you friend like that, cool, please use whisper or guild chat or party chat for that. Or maybe discord, skype, curse/twitch... you name it. Shout, say, faction, and other public channels have different rules, and they include avoiding all of the words you just posted to the forums.But, as you noted, this wasn't the first time this happened, nor was it the first piece of hate speech you put into public chat. Sure, the game has a filter, but the filter is not there so you can say these things at will, we have the filter because we have rules against this type of behavior. So, this is why the game has a permanent mute. You can continue playing the game at your leisure, and you and your friend can talk like that on third-party channels. But you used up your chances to continue to use the chat in a productive way, very sorry.

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