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06-26-2017, 03:00 PM
Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop by to let you all know what's coming in this next update so you have an idea of what we're looking to test.The July Update is mainly focused on keeping our content schedule of limited time events continuing and a series of bug fixes that are coming over from the Korean version. There is one content change coming in this update in the form of the Chrome Steamfish Submarine getting the Torpedo skill, which is a change that was scheduled for Update 3.5 but was later moved out to July for implementation.The July Update does feature a major festival returning to us once more -- the well-beloved Rum Runner Rapids! While it will not be active on the test server, it will be coming to the live servers starting on July 18 at 1 AM UTC for EU, 11 PM PDT for NA. This year's iteration of the festival will include achievements which, of course, will be completed automatically if you fulfilled their requirements during a past year. There will also be a new prize during this year's run -- the Merchant's Costume: Basic. We hinted it was coming to a major event... and here it is!So what are we looking to test this week? It's pretty focused -- the Chrome Steamfish Submarine and any bug fixes that may be delivered with our final build. We're expecting our version to come in for deployment on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, so the team will most likely get the July Update to PTS on Friday. If that schedule should change for some reason, we'll let you know. The Friday release will also come with Patch Notes -- at least the bug fix section so people know what to look for.Otherwise, welcome back to PTS, friends! Good luck, have fun testing!

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