View Full Version : Aranzeb Selling [Grand] Obsidian Gears

06-27-2017, 10:19 PM
Hello Aranzeb! I will make these gears on demand and all the grade would be [Grand].
Prices are not fix meaning you can offer your price for them, and then we'll make some deal :3

List & my price:
- [Plate] Obsidian Helm/Cuirass/Greaves/Gauntlet/Sabatons - 70G
- [Leather] Obsidian Cap/Jerkin/Breeches/Fist/Boots - 80G
- [Cloth] Obsidian Hood/Shirt/Pants/Gloves/Shoes - 80G
- Obsidian Scepter/Staff/Bow - 115G
- Obsidian Dagger/Sword/Katana/Club/Shortspear/Axe - 115G
- Obsidian Shield - 110G

To order, please PM me on the forum or just put your reply down here. Your response are greatly appreciated :D

p.s: I will always try to sell cheaper than the AH! so feel free to ask me to lower my price, or order more than two and I'll give you even more discount! >__<