View Full Version : BigDataDude: Why are forum accounts not banned when accounts are banned?

07-02-2017, 08:40 PM
On this topic of bans in general is that there is a major flaw in the suspected user option that was put back into game. They shouldn't of put it back. I know personally lots of ppl getting perma banned lately due to this. People who have been playing since the start and for no reason get all their accounts banned. And yes some bans are just. But seems to be a lot of unjust bans lately. Going through the appeals system is such a huge pain since all the replies are automated and they refuse to work with you to find out why. They give you a generic response with absolutely no evidence of what you actually did. I really hope they take away the option for players to report a suspected user. And hope they dig deeper into the problems that it is causing. It doesn't work the way you describe. However, people do make up plenty of stories as to why they were banned and blame the system. It simply isn't true. No one gets a ban just for having a suspected user buff. We also do not ban people for no reason. Bans are not given lightly.

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