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07-07-2017, 01:20 PM
...but not in a way you anticipated. :) Over the last few weeks, I've gotten a lot of questions on what I'm doing now that a new Community Manager, Muzzy, is here. I've also read quite the number of theories too, lol! Well, today we're about to lay all of those questions and theories to rest. Let's start off with the part that some people guessed at -- no, I'm not your Senior Community Manager anymore. I'm sad to say that my role here at Trion is changing, because a very exciting opportunity arose with a very awesome game that we work on. Taking over my work IS going to be Joe "Muzzy" Brogno, and I'm super grateful that he's here with us. What you guys haven't gotten to see these past few months is Joe's increasing interest in ArcheAge. Even before this position was ever offered to him, Joe had been jumping into ArcheAge and learning about the game. Literally, the two of us had been talking about starting up the game, class combos, trading, ships, and more well before he even appeared on a livestream. Sure, he's learning, but weren't we all learning once? (Heck, I think some in the community still are learning, especially when they begin to try new areas of the game that they may not have been interested before.) Over the last few weeks, Joe's been diving ever deeper into the game, and he has some great teachers -- Khrolan, Quillodon, myself and, most importantly, you guys. He's going to be up to speed in no time. (He's already in Ancestral Levels.) Pair that with Joe's amazing dedication and work on Atlas Reactor, and you have the two reasons we asked him to take up my position here on ArcheAge. Joe has been working tirelessly for the AR community, and he's absolutely going to bring the same enthusiasm, transparency, and customer-focused effort for everyone here on ArcheAge. I'll let him tell you a bit more about himself below, but I can't say enough how great he is when it comes to working for his community. If you don't believe me, just ask a few of the Atlas Reactor players. So that brings us to what I'm going to do next, and I'm going to say it now: Hold your goodbyes. That "exciting new opportunity with a very awesome game" isn't very far away at all. In fact, it's right here. I'm really happy to let you all know that I'm your new Associate Producer. I'll be joining Khrolan and Amary on the Production Team side of things, so don't worry that someone's going to go somewhere. You'll still see me posting on the forums and Reddit too, though perhaps not as much as I use to. My time is going to have to go towards behind-the-scenes work and planning, after all! But, the community is still near and dear to my heart. It has to be. Without your passion, ArcheAge simply isn't ArcheAge. So, TL;DR? I'm moving to Production, Muzzy's your new Community Manager, both of us are still going to be posting, and both of us are as excited as always to work with you guys. I look forward to working with you guys in a new capacity! As always, may Nui smile upon your travels! Sincerely, Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan Associate Producer, ArcheAge

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