View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: @Trion: Can we get Lord Cottontail mount armor anytime soon, please?

07-10-2017, 02:40 PM
Hey guys, we're looking to add in the armor back for Loyalty. Amary is seeing if we can get it into this week's marketplace update or next week's. The final date remains to be seen, but our request is in.And Muzzy wasn't trying to push off a request like this. Yes, it's true, armor normally comes with the mounts. And the armor was available back when we were selling the Bunny mounts during Easter, and it was removed after that. Normally this isn't an issue as the armor and mount leave or stay together, but in this case they were separated by accident.But what Muzzy was pointing out is that sometimes it's easier (and can be faster) for us to get specific requests through when it has more community support. I know some folks don't feel like it helps, but it really does when we need to make a case for a change or addition to the game. We frequently put up player opinions and hard data to back that opinion in order to make additions, subtractions, or changes.As this is a lower priority issue that had a lower amount of community support, I hate to say it, but it wasn't ranked highly when it has to contend for the team's time versus larger issues like trade, or future update content, or event planning, etc. But, what allows us to make the change is that the work required is relatively easy and doesn't take too much time. So, good news on that front, we can likely have it back in a future marketplace update.

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