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07-13-2017, 04:00 PM
Hey guys, so it's time to discuss that action plan. (Darkrunner conversations aside, of course.)Muzzy and I have been having quite the discussions after reading over this thread and the counterpart Reddit thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/comments/6n1qqd/i_think_this_is_a_nice_discussion/). (Where I have been apparently voted down for asking people for their 2 cents on improving things... Oh Reddit... but that aside...) We do want to follow through with some of your ideas on how to improve communication surrounding specific items, and here are the first steps for what we're going to do:Evolving Known Issues Thread -- Edwardo brought this up, and we're going to follow through on it. Keeping the Known Issues thread up to date and using some form of tracking is a good idea, especially to highlight the work the teams are doing to correct many of these issues, or to bring up new issues as we find them. There are certainly times in our development process where our QA department catches a bug and the community never sees it, nor do they know that we caught it and are ready to correct it.While the forums do not have a quick strikethrough function, we will post any changes we make at the end of the thread, such as "Removed this issue as it was addressed in the July Update," or "Re-added the Violet Bloomfang issue after new reports came in."For those unaware where the Known Issues post is, it's right here, pinned at the top of Gameplay Discussion (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?324773). We'll do our best to keep it updated with what we have, and, if you want to pitch in and help us out, please tell your friends to check it over or keep an eye on it if there's an issue they are looking for an answer to.Regular Producer Notes -- Romonster brought up posting more frequently in News and Announcements regarding new happenings, but the difficulty of that is that we may just end up creating many frivolous threads. And creating too many is going to lead to the same amount of confusion or people missing information. We don't want that.But we also want to make sure people are getting their posts and thoughts answered, especially when we're working on things. Tie that in with the fact that we are just not that transparent about when our updates are coming, and I think you have a solution -- Producer Notes.These smaller articles aren't going to be on the level of something like a Letter From The Producer that Khrolan would write, but I want them to set the stage for what our team is doing and what you can expect next. I'm not going to say these are going to be every month, but I'd like for them to be posted after we release a monthly update so we can set the stage for what the next month is going to entail, when the next monthly update is, and if there's anything special and cool that you should look out for. I'm honestly inspired by FFXIV's Yoshi-P -- he sets the bar for great communication, and I want to bring more of that to what we do in our work here.So, look for the first Producer Note from me to hit after the August Update which, by the way, is targeted for August 2nd. During that update we'll be welcoming back the Blue Salt Festival (Revenge of the Fried Chicken!), a request from the Daru to aid the fight in Reedwind against the Thunderwing Titan, and some solid NA/EU focused bug fixes like fixing the Crater Cub's skills and adding the Rampage vehicles to the Car Display Stands -- both community found bugs.Better Followups -- With Muzzy joining us, and me continuing to pitch in when I can, and BigDataDude here, and perhaps some other new faces, we can begin to do better follow ups to threads that are brought up to us. While we can't always tackle every thread in every location, we're going to try to cover the larger majority of them, even if we don't have a perfect answer.However, as an early warning here, sometimes this will lead to situations where we will give answers that someone may not be satisfied with. I'll give you a great example of this early -- the Darkrunner thread brought up by Halochain. I'll drop by that thread later, but the short answer there is class balance is not in our ability to issue changes to. The main development team at XL sets the class balance across ALL ArcheAge regions. Darkrunners are the same here as they are in Korea, and that's by design. It's to make sure changes don't vary by region, and XL can keep a close pulse on balance and make adjustments that work the same in all regions of the game.Now, does that mean we don't send feedback on balance from time to time? No, we absolutely do, and community's perception of Darkrunners have been a long time piece of feedback, even when I was the community manager and before me when Scapes was the CM. Heck, one of the first things Scapes told me about when I came aboard was Darkrunners. So, we absolutely send those sentiments to the team at XL, but those same sentiments are being sent from every ArcheAge region, not just ours. Each region has their own opinions regarding balance, so XL tries to take as much of it into account as possible. But in the end, we are not an authority for class balancing as we are the game's publishers, not the developers. Your feedback, however, does regularly make it to the developers.Back to the topic on hand (even I've drifted away to the Darkrunner discussion now!), we want to provide even quick updates to threads so all of you know we're keeping an eye on things. Better Livestream Schedule -- Muzzy and I just tossed around the idea of doing a monthly livestream schedule instead of a weekly one. This way you have an earlier indication for when there's going to be a Q&A stream (we're going to shoot for these regularly once a month), when it's going to be something like Teach Muzzy or ArcheTrivia, or when we're covering future update information or doing previews. However, no matter what we do, each week we will open the stream with a look back on the week's events, talk about any major updates or bugs, and hit major community concerns before moving into our regularly scheduled programming.I know this isn't perhaps the most exciting thing, but people are sometimes disappointed when they get to a stream midway through and see it's a "fluff" stream. We hate seeing that disappointment, but at the same time we can't make every week a hardcore Q&A bullet hell. That's going to get really old really fast. Plus, with the new regular Producer Notes and more updates to threads, the hope here is that you're going to get your information in more places than just the livestreams.This way we're calling out when our major information streams are well in advance, so if you're not into the fun/silly weeks you can avoid those in advance. But, I also want to make sure you guys have the knowledge that if something major goes down in a week, you better believe we're going to open the show talking about it. And if you're late, know that whatever you probably wanted some information on happened at the beginning of the show, and you can watch it later on repeat. (In the case of Twitch, heck, you can watch it almost immediately thanks to the way recordings are done.)More accurate maintenance messages -- I believe it was JoeyBT who brought up missing patch notes, or not knowing what our 80mb patches were. (That's some generic routine client security changes, by the by. The game's content doesn't change during those.) To that end, and all credit for this goes to Muzzy, by the by, our Server Status posts are going to contain some more common terminology and information, including when we just do a maintenance to the servers and do some security updates to the client. Server Status posts will also contain links to the patch notes for the downtime, if there are any. Those patch notes also appear on your Glyph Launcher and in the "patch notes" link right above the "play now" button.The common terminology will be maintenance for when we do server or client maintenance work, monthly patch when we do our usual monthly set of additions including bug fixes or events or content, and major updates when we do a large amount of new content or class balance changes. Major Updates are almost always named, such as Revelation, Bloodsong, or Erenor Eternal. They also come with the gigantic set of patch notes that you guys see from us.-----------------------------------------------------------------------So those are my initial steps to help resolve some of this. I look forward to your feedback and if you have more ideas, please, drop them here.Of course, the most important part of all of this isn't just making a plan -- it's doing the plan. We need action, not just fancy words. In the case of the maintenance messages, those are happening right now. The first monthly livestream schedule is being worked on by Muzzy, you'll see my first Producer's Note shortly after August 2nd, the evolving Known Issues thread can be set up by next Monday, and more followups are going to start asap.Let's do it fam.~S

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