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07-14-2017, 03:50 AM
just means trino failed extra hard when they first sat down to talk about publishing the game. not having at least one person to work on bugs (and the ability to do so) and stuff is beyond amateur This is interesting. Just thinking logically how XL could manage to have each publisher alter their code and some how merge bug fixes back into the main game branch that gets distributed back to all the publishers again kind of makes my head spin. I am not sure how feasible such a thing would actually be on such a large moving target between 1 developer and several 3rd party publishers. (I honestly dont see this ever working in a timely fashion and probably a good reason it isn't being done)As far as having once person working on bugs, let's say we did have 1 person working on bugs. Would they fix all the bugs? No. It would be prioritized, like it is now, and some things would be fixed before others we would generally see the same outcome.So I do not agree with your assessment that its "beyond amateur" the way it is because I think in the long run it would just slow patches down tremendously if we could modify code.

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