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07-14-2017, 04:10 AM
Do you really believe the way it is is the better way?How about ctrl+v bug that is here since alpha and still not fixed?There are thousands of bugs/exploits/giggles in this game if you are going to translations to get things fixed oh well lets just say the game is beyond help.This is why noone believes in Trion the real problems arent being fixed only dodge. I totally understand what you're saying but it does not change the technical aspects of several different publishers making changes to the same code that needs to get integrated back into the main code base at XL and then pushed back out to all the publishers again in some timely fashion.My personal opinions of what may or may not be good do not change what's technically possible at a fairly quick patch cadence.
Skill damage and gear stats are likely in data tables. Very unlikely that they are coded.I freelance for several companies with young, hip staff. It's amazing how "can't do" so many are. Hire me. I'll show you what could be done in very short order. If only it were so easy.

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