View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Complaint about streetlight nerf

07-19-2017, 10:00 AM
Will they be getting new servers?The old equipment seems to be unable to handle the current load of house items.
Masking a problem by throwing hardware at it will only lead to sadness at a later date. The current hardware is pretty beefy. This is correct. If the problem was as simple as a hardware problem, there's an easy fix for that -- update or add to the hardware. But, in this case, that's not the solution we can take.I know everyone loves to say "upgrade your servers" as the ultimate solution, but that's literally the easy fix that usually doesn't work at solving the problem. And, in this case, it would not solve this particular problem.I think of the solutions proposed in here, the best so far is just leaving the streetlights on as it avoids the state change. We'll see if that would work for them, but I don't know when that work could be fit in. It's low priority (a nice to have but not critical to game functionality, as much as there is a community drive to see this through), and the work it may take is unknown right now. So, just fair warning, this is something that may be pushed back to a much later update.

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