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07-21-2017, 10:30 AM
Will the issues with balance ever be addressed. Short Answer: Changes in balance are made with major version updates. Long Answer: While we do not want to implement custom class balance for our region and would rather follow along with the larger balance changes made for all versions of ArcheAge, yes, we do bring up community feedback on balance with the development team when it is appropriate to do so. Darkrunner, Archery, Battlerage, and more have been the subject of discussions with the team, with us highlighting player opinions on what they think needs to change. Of course, our requests are also considered alongside all of the requests from the other regions, as balance is not specific to just us. There is always the possibility that what is meta for our region may not be the meta for other regions, and that's something that's not just specific to our game. The problem with giving you a direct, great answer here is twofold: One, I don't know what exactly you want changed (I can guess it's Darkrunner though) and two, we are ultimately not the group who makes those decisions. It is very possible that our feedback is being considered by the team right now and we may see adjustments in a future update that target this issue. There is also the possibility that the team may not want to adjust the meta in that specific way, and may look at other ways they can help change balance, such as buffs to other skill trees. But, there have been recent game changes that can aid in changing the game's combat meta. For example, the change to items to allow you to unseal them the way you want means that you can better build the exact stats you want on your character. That alone is going to cause a major shift in how classes are played against what was done previously. On top of that is the ability for players to re-seal their items and choose new stats. This is great for all players as it allows you to change classes much more effortlessly, but it's also great for designers because they have the chance to shift metas a bit more easily. Previously, changing a class meant partially destroying people's hard earned progression. All of that, however, side steps the most accurate answer though -- efforts are made in each major version update to better adjust the game's balance.

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