View Full Version : Permanent Ban for not breaking the rules?

07-24-2017, 06:35 AM
According to the Letter of the Community Manager 2016 and a recet post by celestrata

This is the exact reason our rules have a split between public channels and private channels. If you want to talk to you friend like that, cool, please use whisper or guild chat or party chat for that. Or maybe discord, skype, curse/twitch... you name it. Shout, say, faction, and other public channels have different rules, and they include avoiding all of the words you just posted to the forums.

But, as you noted, this wasn't the first time this happened, nor was it the first piece of hate speech you put into public chat. Sure, the game has a filter, but the filter is not there so you can say these things at will, we have the filter because we have rules against this type of behavior.

to another user, I do not understand the permanent ban of my account for sending a mail to someone not using particular hate speech or racism, nor is it a public channel but it still got me a perm account ban.. please could someone look into it?
If it was breaking the rules after all, for my defense I have to say that by this forum post and a ticket i made asking about the letter from 2016 I was told that as long as I dont threaten people IRL or something private channels or not actioned..

07-24-2017, 10:14 AM
I'm afraid we can't assist with ban appeals on the forums, but if you've submitted an appeal to our CS team they'll review it as soon as possible.