View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Solving the Darkrunner problem

07-25-2017, 11:40 AM
Hey fam, wanted to drop by in here with a bit more of an update than usual.We don't make it a secret that we keep in close contact with the team over at XLGAMES, and last night we had a conference call with a few of their main game and studio leads on a variety of topics regarding game improvement. One of the items we brought up was, as you may have guessed, class balance at large and specifically Darkrunner.The team did confirm to us that balance is on their mind, and Darkrunner is also being looked at in particular. While we did get into some larger details on the team's plan, we're not going to go into specifics just yet. XL wants to set up a few more things on their side, and we'd like to release their ideas to both the KR and NA/EU communities at roughly the same time. One of our big points here was to make sure we're updating you with their information as they are announcing it.Additionally, separately, I'd also like to point out that changes being made now would affect the Korean Version of the game. As class/skill balance is carried from version to version and can't be brought forward or back, that means it will be some time before we see changes in our game. Just want to make sure that time frame is made a bit more clear, so people don't think we're going to get sweeping changes in a monthly update.So, TL;DR, stay tuned. They're taking a look at this.

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