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07-25-2017, 01:10 PM
I do want to ask about something specific, and that is version-specific balance changes.For record, 3.7 in KR introduced balance changes that could have been applied directly to our 3.5 version (such as the nerf to Lightning Tiger Strike). Our 3.5 version came out some time after 3.7 came out in KR, and since those changes in KR were not reverted or added to, it can be presumed that those changes were received positively both by the community and by XL Games. That said, why can we not stay more up to date with what XL Games brings in for balance changes? These changes are meant to positively affect the game, and while it's obvious some time needs to pass for XL Games to see how it affects the game in Korea I feel that waiting 3-6 months for these changes to trickle down to our version of the game (at the same patch level it affected Korea) is counter-intuitive.My point here is that some push to get us balance changes outside of the main patches could help positively affect gameplay quicker in the NA/EU version, as all good balance changes should do. Changes in 3.7 and the upcoming 4.0 that have to do with balancing should not be tied directly to the patch itself, but rather the game as a whole (similar to how you've noted we are getting the weather switch option earlier than 4.0). Especially when it comes to things such as how XL Games has stated that they are nerfing the Ravenspine Wings. We'll find out more details in a couple days about what 4.0 introduces, but if it's related to balance changes, it would be ideal to not wait 8 months more to get them. Imo, this a great question. And really it doesn't come down to will, but it comes down to boring development mechanics.Usually whenever we on the team see changes that we know would be well-received by the community here, one of the first thing we do is ask the team if we can bring the changes up a version. But the changes aren't, like, blocks that you can just pull out from one version and stick in another. They're coded for that specific version. So when you bring things up, you incur extra risk that your change may break something.Now some things are totally possible to do this with -- the weather switch is a good example. It's suppose to be in Version 4.0, but we're going to get it in September. It stands far enough alone from other development that it can be brought forward, but not all pieces work like that.Class/skills are one of those that don't work like that. I know some people like to say, "It's just a few numbers, no big deal, takes 5 min," but pretty much anyone in development can probably tell you it doesn't always work like that. That is exactly the case here. Skills are not easy to update, so their changes are left for moments of major work -- major version updates. And because they require so much work to change, bringing them forward a version is extremely difficult from a technical standpoint. Not to mention from a gameplay standpoint, there needs to be a limit to how many changes you put players through in a period of time. If the meta changes too quickly, no one can effectively gear or build strategies around it, and that's going to lead to some people getting upset.So that's really the blocker there -- technical limitations of how those changes work, and bringing them forward versions isn't fully feasible right now. That's not to say that may always remain the case... but it is the case at the moment.

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