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07-27-2017, 01:30 PM
Are there items added to the prestige shop for 3.7 and the new gem system? If not and 3.7 uses misagon as the crafting item, no big deal folks can just buy that. If there are new items, then doing evolution before that point may have a big impact on people saving up prestige for that purpose. If the latter is the case, is it possible to have the item itself added to our prestige shops in advance so that folks can buy that, even if they cant use it yet? That's a fair concern. What we can say is that the prestige shop will not be changing quickly after evolutions, so players will have time to save up prestige again before any major changes are made.When you ask for an item to be added to prestige shops... you mean like an item that would consume prestige on the character and turn it into a carryable token? Almost like a way to "bank" prestige and avoid a wipe?

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