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07-27-2017, 01:50 PM
Celestrata, thank's for all your time first of all. I have a question since I was involved in a merge with Naima/KrakenLast Evolution, there was severe difficulties with server stability which resulted in only I think you said ~10% logging in and claiming land and the rest stuck at authentication which resulted in a roll back. Later, the new launch day was changed to the next day.What are Trion's backup plans incase on the 9th servers are under too much stress, disconnects, etc... will there be rollbacks? Can you maybe walk us through some precautionary measures Trion has planned? This is a very good question. Let's talk about this.In the first Evolution, there was extra stress being placed on the Glyph login system that caused issues.In Update 3.0: Revelation, there was too much stress being placed on the game's authentication service, which caused server crashes and login issues. There were also many, many more people returning to the game that caused extra load on the game.For the Glyph login, there have been changes to Glyph over time to avoid running into that issue again. There were also some other circumstances that were causing load on Glyph that day, and our current plan makes sure that those other circumstances can't happen again.For the authentication service, we are planning a simulated load test on our servers over August in order to shake more of these bugs out. In addition, there won't be as many players logging in simultaneously as there were in Update 3.0, so there will be load reduced there.Furthermore, during the launch, servers will open one at a time. If you remember during the original Evolution, we opened all servers in a region simultaneously -- we've learned not to do that ever again. While some people aren't fans of the servers opening one at a time, it's a must in order to throttle load on the service.Now, if, for some reason all of the above failsafes continue to have issues, yes, we'd explore the possibility of a server rollback. But that is an extreme last resort, and would only occur if there was a major, major problem in one of the services.

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