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07-27-2017, 01:50 PM
Just posting since you seem to have started answering questions past the first time I posted.@Celestrata - Can you reconsider Eanna server? The server is basically 200 in a nation and nobody in nuia / haranya that can fight or do anything. Its horrible on these servers and it needs to be merged with something to keep the factions equal and injext more life into these side factions. We cant leave eanna like it is right now, people are leaving left, right and centre and if you leave eanna, guaranteed it will be the next ghost town server with just 1 dominating nation As I said to Sovorack earlier, we're keeping the lists final to avoid shocking another server by having it be added at the last minute. And, by the numbers, Eanna is a healthy server that deserves to stand on its own.

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