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07-27-2017, 02:10 PM
My main question is of course about land and what happened during previous merger:INSERT IDEAWhat I strongly believe to be a good idea is to implement the following1) Dropping a kitted house puts a debuf on you for 120 seconds, in this 120 seconds you cannot put another kitted house (this will prevent people from say placing 8 treehouses side by side... lets face it, we know it WILL happen.)2) On merger day you can only place X amount of property (this will limit for the 1st 24 hours how much land someone can drop.)3) On merger day, you can only have 1 property per housing zone (again this will prevent people from placing multiple houses side by side enabling everyone to hopefully have a shot at getting SOMETHING down. So the reason we've gone with the process here is because of a few reasons:1. Players should be able to place back down the items that they own and care for.2. Much more land has been added to the game, like the new Revelation zones, Whalesong Harbor, new islands, etc.While you have some solid ideas here, and I do want to say they are thoughts we had cross our minds too, ultimately we decided that it was fair for players to place down the full kits that they had, but still be under the usual "only 2 unbuilts" restriction.Even on really populated servers right now, you can still get land because of the land expansions. Remember, these new servers will be as large as, for example, Kyrios. It should be very possible for folks to get a plot, but we can't exactly guarantee that it will be in a spot you want.

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