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07-27-2017, 03:10 PM
as a reminder for those not on effected servers to make sure you're property taxes are paid before the bring down ALL the servers for 2 days.. This way you wont risk logging in and finding 1 of your builldings poofed due to 2 days downtime. For those on effected servers check there posted list of items that will be saved. Load up your toons with the items you want to keep that are not on the list of saved items. Put the rest into your warehouse. if you have simple decos bought from mirage that can be easily replaced, those can be vendored or left to go poof. you can also utilize the worldy bound chest etc to try to save some items. Also, last evolution their was a minor email glitch. So make sure everyone empties their emails before the evolution as well. Like any auction sales. last evolution i loaded everything i could into my inventories, bought inventory expansion scrolls for more storage and bought a few charecter slot scrolls so i could have more storage to try to save more items. I still was not able to save it all but over all it did reduce my losses vs what i spent on the expansion and charecter slot scrolls. Also, if possible try to leave at least 5 to 10 inventory slots open. that way when the servers come back up you have space to start collecting items from the mail. Remember you also do NOT have to click the auto collect buttons at the bottom of the mail. You can open each mail seperatly and right click on the specific items you want to remove first. Like Houses and gazebos, then chests. This will allow you to have more control over what you remove from the email system and not get a full inventory with no space to get the chests or house kits because the automated Collect it all button put silly items in yer inventory first. Hope these suggestions help. I hope you don't mind, I'm going to put your suggestions on to the front page as they're really good callouts.

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