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07-28-2017, 09:30 AM
Bit confused, Does it mean that everyone gets 1 credit transfer before evo, and can transfer anywhere (beside fresh start) Transfers to new evo servers after evoultion are closed? So the only option if you are on Eanna or Shatigon and want to finish on for example Tempest, you HAVE TO do it BEFORE evoultion, couse there will be no such option AFTER with normal paid transfer? Let me explain again. During the credit transfer period, all transfers will be reduced to 1 credit. At that same time, transfers INTO a evolution candidate server will be blocked. I.E. -- You cannot move from Kyrios into Ollo, or even move from Salphira to Ollo. Players on unaffected servers can transfer to another unaffected server. Players on an evolution candidate server can transfer to an unaffected server.

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