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07-28-2017, 09:30 AM
@Celestrata Bloodsong Regarding names: Like a lot of people, I value my character name (more than my land!). I 'own' the name on both the legacy servers that however the creation age of my characters mean my level 20 alt will have priority over my level 55 L7 Ancestry level main! Is there going to be any sanity checks over character naming in the merge? I mean, you're in a very odd place where your alt is still considered "active" and your main is still "active" but the alt is the older character. In that particular circumstance, as you own the name and you could lose it during a evolution, just contact customer service after the evolution and they will be able to assist you. However, we are still discussing what the final rules for name conflicts will be. My interest is in having it be the older, still active character keeps the name.

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