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07-28-2017, 04:00 PM
So, you said you'd give me a response for the question I'd asked and asked and asked and been ignored on, and it's a rather important question, not so much for long-time players, as new players."As I am sure you may know, there are many complications with getting started on the legacy, and even fresh start servers. You essentially have to be there at the start to even have any hope of being competitive, as if you are not, you are not only undergeared, but in many servers, will be discouraged from continuing to play. Has anything been planned to address it? @Trion_Celestrata"As I asked it, multiple people even began messaging me on a stream waiting to see if you'd give an answer, because there are returning players and new players who want to inquire on it, but have had no luck getting an answer.Really would appreciate that answer I was told I'd get. Literally the main reason I came was to ask that question, as an answer is definitely needed. It's been an ongoing issue since the game began and was by no means resolved in any capacity by fresh starts. Oh, weird, because I did send an answer to you via twitch chat. I closed the browser because you didn't respond and I waited for a while before jumping out, wondering if you wanted to ask a follow up.So what I wrote was basically:"Short answer, yes. Long answer, this is a multiple part set of changes where no one change can really begin to address something like that alone, it needs to be taken as a group.One of the main directions the development team has expressed multiple times to us is reducing reliance on RNG mechanics in various systems of the game. The reason they want to do this is to give players more forward progression in gearing and more certainty in the actions they are taking. These are changes like letting you choose what elements (Flame, Stone, Desert, etc.) you get on an item that's crafted (and even being able to reset it), improving chances on regrades, and, in the future, changing the lunagem system around so you can socket 100% of the time. With the Erenor gear, they moved away from regrades entirely because they're looking to still provide progression and sinks in the economy without causing significant loss to a player. All of these changes combined together leads to players being able to gear up to a higher level of power faster, and that should aid you in your "catch up."Another thing to look at is how guilds can receive significant advantages for working together and gearing up players. Like, coming up, we're going to have an event where guilds who do guild quests and work together can get extra honor points, but that's one minute example. While a high GS is obviously good, having multiple people at a higher GS is what you're going for. Working together can help reduce many of these barriers and can help slingshot a player who's behind into a player who's competitive.Finally, we and XL like giving out celestial level gear sets to players who are returning to the game or maybe haven't been playing in a while through our Hero's Welcome promotions. While that's not exactly a gameplay change, it is a worthwhile mention as it gets a player who may be behind to a 4k gear score very fast. From there, they can begin to sink their teeth into more and more content.If you have more you want to ask me, let me know." (Added to some of the original answer, but that was the gist.)

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