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07-28-2017, 04:10 PM
On the issue of 'can get land' - what is the argument against opening up the whole world to building? There are some areas that exist between active regions, on-the-edge-of-the-map regions where vast tracks of land exist only for illegal farms etc. I could give coordinates ..Even so, makes me wonder - if someone's willing to haul the materials, why not? It's not like a switch that one can turn on that says, "can build here." There are certain areas of the world that are built and coded to support housing. This is taking into consideration:1. Some areas would have inappropriate terrain structure for placing houses2. Some areas wouldn't exactly work with current housing sizes.3. Server/client performance -- This is the part everyone forgets. Putting down a new house adds additional resources that the server and client both have to handle. We've already seen instances where if a zone gets too much stuff in it it can affect how players move through the zone, or conduct combat in the zone.So this is why there are areas that just aren't opened up in the manner you suggested. A lot has to be taken into account when housing zones and new areas are being built -- not all of it visual.

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