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08-02-2017, 09:50 AM
@Celestrata:I know you said many concerns of the playerbase will get addressed on August 16 (if I'm not mistaken). I wanna state mine here now so they might be taken into consideration when making final decisions:
1) Character name / Guild name collision: Please consider activity over creation date here. Many people have quit the game long ago and ever since names rot in nirvana. Please don't support name grabbing or inactivity. The goal here is to encourage both activity and creation date. That way still active people and groups who have the name don't lose it to players who want to name grab. Likewise, guilds who have the name currently and are active don't lose out to groups who may not be playing anymore.
2) Land rush: Speaking from past experience, queues and first-come-first-serve mechanics don't go well together. Will it be the same frustration all over again, not getting into the game just to see every spot occupied by luckier people as soon as i finally managed to log in? Please also don't underestimate the amount of returning players to avoid tags like #mergegate2k17 ;) I can't sugar coat this -- there's going to be queues. There were queues last time, and there will most certainly be queues this time. We'll do our best to make sure everyone has as fair of a shot as possible, but there are absolutely technical limitations that restrict how many people can jump into a server at once. But, we are going through some extensive tests of our server login systems, and we will do what we can to make sure we can get as many people in at once without causing problems.
3) Bots / Cheats: I think there hasn't been a time like FS or merge without land grab bots. I hope this time higher security measures will be in place, cause I'm sick of playing the game as honest and fair as can be, while filthy cheaters get advantage over advantage and get away with it. Of course in the end this doesn't apply only to land grab, but every aspect really.The better news here is that there also hasn't been an Evolution since the introduction of our new security technology, which has lead to us being able to crack down on cheaters better than ever before. Additionally, GMs will be on hand on the new servers to curtail bot abuse.
4) Items: So every item is gonna be returned in mail, but how can I be completely sure I received everything, unless I make a list of every single thing i'm owning beforehand? Sounds like an awful lot of work being dumped on the players, and actually gives me the feeling of playing some 1995 game. :(Again, unfortunately, there's no good way for us to show you what you had and what you received within the client. This isn't exactly a problem that many other games run into, and it's due to ArcheAge's unique handling of a persistent world. That said, the last time we had Evolutions, we didn't have any huge problems on returning people's items. Everything that folks expected to get was present.
5) Family: Will families get cleaned out, with steward keeping lead? And will family XP get reimbursed as well?Yes, no, and yes. Families will be fully disbanded, but the original steward will get items back to reform their family and re-level them. Check our main article for more information on that.

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