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08-02-2017, 10:10 AM
Evolution Question: When our full kits get returned to us, will it be through the mail? If so, how will we know on which page our houses will be so we may optimize our efforts to reclaim our land? And in addition to this, when we place our houses back down as full kits, will they be completely decorated as they were before with full chests and decor in place? I worry as I have 10+ full chests on properties and each property is max decorated and it will be a very very big time commitment to redecorate and set everything up again.It will be sent back to you through the mail, but unfortunately it's going to come back in the order that the server picks everything up in, so it may be jumbled.Otherwise, no, when you place down a full kit house it does not come with all of your prior adjustments. When you place it down, it will just be a fully built house -- you'll have to re-decorate again. The evolution sadly can't save data like item placement in the world, because it doesn't know where you'll be when you find land on the new server.
Non-Evolution Question: I had asked about item re-enabling back in Dec '16 when the founders packs got wiped and I had one saved up. You had assured me in this post here (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?308226-ArcheAge-State-of-the-Game-December-27-Updated-9-31-PM-PST&p=2514543&viewfull=1#post2514543) that I would indeed get it back in the next round of re-enabling of items. I recently put in a ticket asking them when to expect this as it hadnt happened yet and they told me it wont happen and closed my ticket. I then pointed out your post and they changed their answer to say that "That expired 1/31/17" which is impossible as founders packs had no expiration dates AND they were never re-enabled in the first place as I watched and waited for it. So I guess my question (had to edit this to add it as I realized I outlined the issue, but did not state the actual question lol) is when can I get back that founders pack I had been saving for the new races? The one that you said would indeed be re-enabled and I would be able to claim it.It should be re-enabled for you. If it is not, definitely go back to Customer Service. It sounds like they got your old founder's pack confused with the new founder item grant that we gave to founders who wanted to be on fresh start servers. Clarify that you want this re-enabled for your legacy account, to not be used on fresh start servers.

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