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08-02-2017, 10:10 AM
Question: Community contributionsI too am wondering about diligently contributing residency tokens to a zone...What happens about compensation for that?I skimmed through pages and pages to see if the question was asked and it was - still no reply on this issue tho.I've seen everything else mentioned ; guilds, families etc
If this has been answered already point me to it, I have done the residency contribution quests every day and we are close to rank 3. I am not sure if we will be rank 3 15 days before merge(you get payout 15 days after rank 3). I have a lot of contribution points I was looking forward to getting that payout for being a resident, it should be a decent amount of gold. If we get it to rank 3 but the 15 day period ends after evolution starts are we totally screwed out of this payment? This is very little warning for such a big project.On the day of the Evolutions, at the very start after we close the servers, our GMs will be running a special command that will issue community center payouts, as if it were payout day. When you come back after the evolution, your payout will be waiting for you. :)

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