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08-02-2017, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by Naea But since i am leader of a guild will it effect the guild ribbon when i pass lead before i leave? Or will it stay with me, so i can take back the lead after and do my dailies and such still? Or do i have to build it again? Whoever is guild leader before the evolution will be the one who gets the guild ribbons and guild contribution items to re-level the guild. So if you want to pass leadership to someone else before that, they can rebuild the guild while you're out. - Guild Leaders will receive unique ribbons to push their guild to the next level. - These "Oath Ribbons" can only be used for a specific level -- I.E. a Level 3 Oath Ribbon can only be used on a guild at level 2. - Guild Leaders will be compensated with Oath Ribbons for all of the levels that they had, +1 extra to make up for any EXP you may have had in your leveling state. Example: My guild, "Fool Arcana," is level 3. After the Evolution, the Guild Leader will keep the name and it will be a level 1 guild. The Guild Leader will also receive 3 Oath Ribbons -- One level 2 ribbon to take the guild up to level 2, One level 3 to take the guild up to level 3, and one level 4 to take the guild up to level 4 to make up for lost exp. Using an appropriate level Oath Ribbon will immediately make the guild 1 level higher. Oath Ribbons are bound to the character that receives them.

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