View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: 4.0 rebalance from korea

08-04-2017, 10:10 AM
Hey fam, So as you're reading here, XL does have big plans for upcoming combat changes -- these were the changes that we were discussing, as well as the focus test that came up during our roundtable. I mentioned them back in the Darkrunner thread (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?328404-Solving-the-Darkrunner-problem&p=2624704&viewfull=1#post2624704), but also said that we wouldn't talk about them until XL released the information to their KR community. Now that the cat (or combat balance) is officially out of the bag, our request to the team was to get information to us so we can release it to you quite early. We also discussed the possibility of including NA/EU testers somehow in the opinion gathering process, though we don't know how possible that may be as, as you can see, they're going location based for this. But, we are giving the team the community feedback on classes, so they are using that in their continued work. When we get the official information about this, we'll make sure it's released to you guys as soon as we can.

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