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08-04-2017, 10:20 AM
i don't know if it is the "UPDATING" of the main thread or w/e other info were merged/deleted in the edit proccessbut up untill yesterday i was 100% sure that in september if i do not like what is happening you could transfer out to non evo servermaybe it was my comprehension , but at least 40 other people understood it as same as me , and yesterday we were in for a big surprisethat is why i want this to be made clear Yeah, the other players in this thread have the right of it -- we think you're misunderstanding the time periods here.Before the Evolution: You can transfer OUT of an evolution server. No one can transfer IN to the evolution server. There will be 1-credit "free" transfers. Yes, if you don't want to go to your selected Evolution server, you can transfer.After the Evolution: No one will be able to transfer into or out of the newly Evolved servers (Thunderwing, Conviction, Retribution, Tempest) for a period of time. We'll open up the transfers into and out of them a bit later.

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