View Full Version : BigDataDude: Why Trion does nothing serious to 3d Party Program users (cheats)

08-07-2017, 07:00 PM
Becuase you threw out there that we have no idea what we are doing and every report that we submit is because we are sore losers.I realize that you are going to see a good chunk of false reports because users are generally idiots... but when you have video, and time, and screenshots... At what point is enough to take action? I assume it can only be when a GM actually sees the user doing something and you don't use any of the user reports at all other than to target efforts because I've literally fought for weeks on an open and shut obvious case and then had to deal with targeted harassment because of it... to which you also did nothing... So how about this... help us help you... what exactly do you need on top of video, time stamps, screenshots, dates, and detailed explanations that we are all missing to make you take no action over and over and over again? Good question. If there is a video or screenshots then a timestamp, server, and character names speed up the process. A general description of what's happened and why it's bad is also helpful. Video even if short is the most helpful. If you feel something needs a 2nd look or just another pair of eyes please just PM me directly. I look at everything sent to me and you should get a reply the same day.

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