View Full Version : Quillodon: Redoubt descrition error vs dragon bow.

08-08-2017, 04:40 PM
Hey All, Muzzy pulled me over because this is a tooltip issue, and those are basically my jam. So lemme lay it out for you: 1) Edwardo and IDRakath are correct: Redoubt grants immunity to the "Trip" debuff specifically. Because the "Red Dragon's Gust" effect is its own separate debuff, it currently gets around this immunity. 2) The "push" issue is different, and one that I would actually recommend we bring up with XL as a potential bug. Since "push" isn't technically a debuff, it's not always clear which skills count as pushes and which don't. It would appear that for now, at least, "Red Dragon's Gust" does not count as a push. To help clarify this in the future, I will be adding a line to each push/shove/pull/launch-type ability to specify whether or not it counts as a capital-p "Push." (You may have noticed that we did something similar recently with the Ongoing, Stagger, and Interrupt abilities.) Hopefully that will make things a little more predictable. Hope that helps, -Quill

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