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08-08-2017, 06:30 PM
Well. then that is out of the way.. library is broken.. you will have to either stop farming it, or put in so much time until it gets frustrating and you will stop farming it.I hope you do realize that everyone has a life next to Archeage?, most of us don't mind putting in time, but the library is getting at a point where it is not fun anymore, it is frustrating as hell. Farming for hours, and most of the times items you need will not even drop.You really need to change this, it is frustrating!..Else i would suggest someone from Trion makes a new character.. no gm stuff.. and come farm with me for a couple of days on the third floor, lets see how fast they quit because there is no result. Do you team up with people and have lists for what you need from the drops? I teamed up with someone that was crafting similar items to me, but the 'opposite', so that I could take x and they could take y. Seemed to go by alright on floors 1 and 2. I can't speak to floor 3 yet.

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