View Full Version : Muzzy: Library Drops - Libris Garden

08-09-2017, 03:50 PM
Thanks to all of you for your continued discussion on this. I'm at t4 obsidian, and t5 mats are definitely intimidating. I feel like I've hit a wall as well, and it's only exasperated by the new knowledge players have told me that I shouldn't go t5 unless I've got divine gear. So I'm slowly getting that while also farming for mats to be prepared. Regardless of my own experiences and opinions on this, I'm taking this topic very seriously and will include it in my next week's report. When I get into a topic to talk with players I'm often doing it to seed or encourage discussion. My own opinion is never added into the reports. My opinions are formed from the viewpoint of a new player, so when I express them I'm always happy to see people jumping in with a more veteran mindset. I learn more that way, and am better able to support the community.

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