View Full Version : Tickets not being answered?

09-02-2017, 09:59 AM
This one kind of irk's me the wrong way as I myself work in IT and understand how important communication is with the end user / paying client so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here to see why this is happening.

Ticket 1: (#972448) -
timestamp of 18:04 (Yesterday) from Senior GM Karruell.
Timestamp of 18:41 (Yesterday) from myself.

Ticket 2: (972472) -
Timestamp of 19:21 (Yesterday) from myself
Timestamp of 07:36 (today) from Senior GM Karruell.

This morning I woke up to find an answer on Ticket 2, Ticket 1 shown Latest Activity was 1 hour ago yet I see nothing on it leaving me to believe he (or she?) looked at said ticket and simply blew it off.

So how is it that Ticket 2, that I submitted AFTER Ticket 1 was answered before ticket 1?
Ticket 2 was also answered by Senior GM Karruell....

I would appreciate an answer on this.

09-03-2017, 08:18 AM
Another prime example -.-...

So here we can see ticket was submitted at 20:03 YESTERDAY (for anyone who cannot do 24 hour clocks, 20:03 = 8:03pm)
We can also see that it is now 10:12am (Just over 14 hours has passed.)

Then we look here
Last Activity... 5 hours ago, so SOMETHING happened on this ticket at 5am.... what happened, I have no damn clue because of the lack of communication!

Common Trion, we (at least some of us pay you for patron....) are PAYING CUSTOMERS keeping us in the dark like this is not a good thing.