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09-19-2017, 06:50 PM
I'll be watching these. I have a bit of advice, or maybe just a suggestion. You have a ton of knowledge and insight. With this, you can provide a lot of help to new players (such as myself). Instead of coming at this from a negative standpoint, consider using that substantial knowledge to enlighten new players - give them tips on what NOT to do. I'll admit, the game doesn't do a good job of explaining itself to a new player. I struggled, but once I started asking questions, I learned a lot that accelerated my progress. You said a few things in this video that were incredibly useful and I wish I had heard when I was just starting. You've got a lot of good ideas here, and I'm interested in seeing the good discussion it brings so that I can put it together into a report to send to XL. You say that new players are the lifeblood of a game. Consider that the way the community presents itself to them has a major impact on those new players. Contributing to the community by way of teaching is a fantastic way to help bring in and keep new players. I'm not saying this video is ignorable - on the contrary. It's actually got a lot of potential to create discussion in the forums and among the community. Suggestions on how to 'fix aa' are fantastic, however often times the community will get caught up on the details of why a specific suggestion will or won't work, when what really needs to happen is just identifying the underlying root of the issue for XL to consider when approaching a tweak or overhaul. Just for a newish perspective, I've been playing for about 670-ish hours and have a 4.1 k gs. I felt the pain of not being able to participate in PvP or major world bosses, but it gave me something to aim for. I worked hard, got gold, bought items, regraded some. I have decided not to do any gemming because I'm waiting for the new gem system in 4.0, so my GS will suffer until then. I did halcy with 3k gs and had a blast, even if I died a lot. I purposely didn't join a guild until last month because I realized that most new players would also be in that situation (and also because I was trying to avoid claims of favoritism), so now I understand the new player condition much more. Since joining a guild, the world has opened up to me. I still get rekt, but I have way more to do and much more fun with it. I'm being tutored and asking tons of questions. It's a much better experience. If I had control, I'd find ways to more strongly incentivize guilds picking up newer players and teaching them. I STILL don't know all the systems in the game, but over the past 4 months the amount of new information continues to be staggering - in an exciting kind of way. I know I can't hang with the big boys, but there there are still plenty of adventures for me to have. I watched a bunch of AA teaching videos and they were a source of encouragement in the face of a system that doesn't pander to new players. Maybe your videos could shift gear and provide that kind of support to the community as well? I know I'd appreciate it. And I'd be happy to share good instructional/tip videos with the community via blogs, social networks, and livestreams. Here's to the community becoming the best PR the game could ask for, as it's already the most powerful PR the game has. Cheers, Muzzy

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