View Full Version : LF people to play with or a guild

10-02-2017, 09:10 PM
Hey guys, long time player here looking to come back. My account has a Galleon and a couple of other harder to acquire items. Been looking to get back into this game for a bit(played at launch for 6 months straight and haven't come back since my guild disbanded), but I doubt Ill play it without friends or a guild. Would be nice to have some company. :)

10-03-2017, 03:58 AM
Hey friend, welcome back! What side are you on (Faction)? That will help determine what guilds are available to assist you.

If you're on the West, feel free to hit me up anytime if you have any questions as you reacquaint yourself with the game. xD

10-03-2017, 09:21 AM
Oops, forgot to say that Im west. :) Been so long that I forgot there were factions. Sorry!