View Full Version : BigDataDude: Player Nations - do they ruin the game?

10-16-2017, 09:40 AM
I think its the fact player nations can form alliances with east or west. When they went pirate they were left out of alot more content allowing east and west to do things. With playernation they take over all the content. and it makes it way easier to recruit from both sides. as a pirate u have to convince people to go there with alot less content and alot harder way to get back. If it was just power house east and west guilds atleast they are forced to only have members on there side allowing a better chance to contest them. Just imo-p.s. I feel one of the problems with retaining new players is actually the player base not just the nations. I created a new account on conviction cuz i wanted to play on a popular server. been in 2 guilds ask in faction/nation even offer gold and cant get anyone to help me do content. Like Greater dungeons or daily dahuta. Just trying to get material to upgrade my gear. No one wants to help new players, they stuck at low gs with no advancment. then they just leave I get it but what I am saying is, long before there were nations there were alliances on servers between East and West. They cooperated with each other to do Abyssal, RD, Luscas, etc.. They worked together to claim castles as well. This is why i originally asked:If player nations were removed don’t you think it would just revert right back to what it was before they existed, aliances? How would removing them or punishing them change anything?

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