View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: what a great event again

10-18-2017, 10:40 AM
Hey fam, it's been a while, but, with Muzzy traveling for TwitchCon, I'm going to jump in here and explain the team's intent on this event.It is the team's intent to create an event based around PvP and battles. That's why the quest line moves through the ocean, and through two very dangerous stops. It's certainly not an event for everyone, and that is intended by the team. Sometimes it's just not possible to create an event that everyone is going to enjoy, especially when we have two factions of players: one who loves PvP and ganking, and the other that does not.So when we were discussing the event, my concern was the initial difficulty players would face by hitting Growlgate and Freedich so early in the chain. I had asked for the parts to be swapped, so players would start the event down in the mainland and slowly rise to Freedich/Growlgate.Unfortunately, due to the way the packs were coded, it wasn't possible to do the flip in time for the build, so we left the event as-is. However, I left it as a point of reference that future events should always progress from the easiest point of difficulty to the hardest.For those who just aren't into that, remember, we do have Hallowtide coming up very soon. (Next week, in fact!) Those will be guarded by Festival Peace, and there will be some great items dropping during the event that will easily beat this line. So if you're not into it, my personal recommendation would be just not worry about the minor event and get ready for some candy-snail, pumpkin smashing fun.

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