View Full Version : Quillodon: New Musket Skill

10-24-2017, 05:10 PM
In a world where dwarves can summon futuristic, magical, mechanized suits of battle armor from the interdimensional void at will, and use them to fire an endless array of bullets, rockets, napalm, flashbangs, and general flaming death... I certainly have no trouble believing that someone has invented a working flintlock pistol. In fact someone clearly already HAS, since a quick trip to Mirage Isle will show you they can be purchased as housing decor.We could theorize all sorts of plausible reasons for why flintlocks only exist as novelty items in Erenor. Perhaps they are too new, and haven't caught on as popular/reliable weapons yet. Perhaps the time necessary to reload them makes them laughably impractical in a world where bows generate their own arrows and fire 300 rounds per minute. Perhaps only the reclusive dwarves of Andelph have mastered the mysterious art of magically-assisted firearms, and their time-traveling demigod is actively rearranging history to ensure that his chosen army maintains its advantage!...But personally, I suspect that someone on the dev team just doesn't feel like reworking a bunch of bow animations =P

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