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11-08-2017, 10:42 AM
Greetings all,

Are you tired of having to spam trade in the hopes that someone buys your house or land plot? Tired of having to worry whether or not you are going to be scammed while selling a land plot? Well, worry and spam no longer. Rex's Real Estate can help you get your home or plot sold, and maybe even start a bidding war to get you more money. How will I do this? Well, instead of you spending your valuable time sitting in trade chat, I will use in-game and out-of-game resources to get your home sold, while you sit back, sip your Nui's Tear, and rake in your cash.

Need to sell a plot but don't want to cert it and lose the building? I can also act as a neutral 3rd party to assist with an easy and safe transaction, a service which would be included in the price of my commission should I be representing a party for said transaction. This system is extremely simple. I would receive the money from the buyer. The seller then demo's the property to be sold, and after the buyer places his or her desired building, the seller will receive the cash. In this instance, to protect myself, I would keep the 6% of the sales price as explained below to cover my commission.

I can also act as a neutral 3rd party on a land transaction, without being an agent for either buyer nor seller, and take a considerably smaller commission, most likely a small set fee.

How much does this service cost, you will surely ask? As I stated above, I use the real world model of commission, which is 6% of the sales price of the house or plot. As a real world licensed real estate agent, I understand the importance of awesome service, timely response, and a sales price that makes both parties happy. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous characters in the world of ArcheAge, so I may, in the future, require a deposit before beginning my work. For now, however, I will work purely based on the good will of the community.

I can represent buyers as well (I will never represent the buyer and seller on the same transaction, due to conflict of interest)! Looking for a magical new property to call home? Have you been searching for that hard to find property but have just had no luck? Leave it to me! You can tell me what you are looking for, how much you are looking to pay, and any other details that you think are pertinent, and I will start searching. In this case, the buyer would be responsible for the commission, still 6% of what ends up being the purchase price. As I said before, if people decide they do not want to pay my commission and hard work after completing the transaction, unfortunately I would have to change my policy to begin with a deposit of some sort, the amount dependent on the type of property that is desired. With any luck, this will never happen. However, users that do not pay what we agreed upon will be blacklisted from my service and listed on my thread as a warning to others.

If you are interested in my service, please PM me and we can schedule a time to speak about your needs, or the property you want sold. As my service grows, I will list my in game name on each server and faction here. It will be the same as my forum name if it is not taken on a certain server, but do not message a character by my forum name in game without PM'ing me first to confirm you are actually talking with me and not an imposter.

Are you able to pay the commission to my character on Thunderwing East, whether or not the deal took place on Thunderwing itself? You will get a discount! We can speak further about this offer if this applies to you.

Please keep any replies on topic. If you have any on-topic questions at all, please feel free to post them here or PM me and I will answer them. Thank you for reading, I hope everyone has an awesome experience with Rex's Real Estate. If it comes to it, I will create a discord server specifically for my customers and clients to easily communicate with me.

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I've gotten quite a bit of interest to start. Come see me today for all of your real estate needs!