View Full Version : Muzzy: Eanna UCC Compensation

11-20-2017, 07:50 PM
Hello Adventurers, As many of you are aware, there were issues with UCC not transferring on Eanna during the server Evolutions. We made XL aware of this, and both XL and Trion promptly began working on a fix for this issue. After exhausting several approaches to solve the problem, we have unfortunately come to the conclusion that compensation for lost crest brainstorms to remake prior crests is the only path forward. Each character on Eanna affected by this issue will be granted a number of Bound Crest Brainstorms equal to the amount of UCC you owned on September 7th 2017, and subsequently lost. We will also be including an additional 10 Bound Crest Brainstorms. This compensation will be on a per character basis. We are working to have the compensation delivered by November 21st 2017 (tomorrow). - The ArcheAge Team

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