View Full Version : Conviction WTS Epic/Divine pieces, WTB Legendary Club

12-03-2017, 10:19 AM
As the title says I am selling Epic and Divine Weapons/armor Here's my current running list of Items that I'm selling.

Currently Selling on Conviction or can transfer them to another server (Price will go up if I pay for transfers just beware)

Weapons (1-H)
Epic T1 Obsidian Sword
Epic T1 Obsidian Club

Weapons (2-H)
Divine Ayanad Lightning Nodachi
Divine T1 Obsidian Staff

Armor (Leather)
Divine T1 Obsidian Cap

Armor (Cloth)
Glenn's Admiral Jacket

Mistsong HM chests, Wrathsmites, Lord Coins.

Give me an offer via mail please. Mail Spice on Conviction.