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12-07-2017, 07:20 PM
Definitely not complaining , just making sure I understood it right and that it was intended. Oh sorry, didn't mean to sound like you were! Was just using trying to use your comment to clarify further =)
Zuesprime, that's actually a great Quillodon question (and as it just so happens, he's around...). If I had to guess I'd say the "Melee" in Melee Parry Rate refers to the rate of parrying "melee" attacks - as opposed to ranged or magic attacks.... But what do I know, I'm just a stupid melee, you should ask Quill if you're really curious as to what exactly it does. ;) -- Reading the tooltip for Parry Rate in game, it might also be referring to you need to have a melee weapon equipped (I'm guessing that means not a staff/scepter?) for parry to work at all and it's a wording inconsistency? (@Quill, the tooltips for shield block and evasion word it as "physical attack" where parry rate uses "melee attack." Not a huge deal obviously, but maybe could be brought more in line with the wording of the other two? And then obviously everywhere you see "Melee Parry Rate" it's pretty easy to think, "but what about other parry rates?" and get confused momentarily. It would be like seeing Melee Shield Block Rate or Melee Evasion!) Hmm, that is a bit of an inconsistency isn't it. To clear some things up: no, any weapon that isn't a bow is a "melee weapon." I assume the original text called it "Melee Parry" to clarify that it doesn't normally work vs ranged attacks (unlike evasion and block, which work on all forms of physical attack), but since you can easily learn that from the hovertext there isn't really much of a point. And since the actual stat in your character sheet is called "Parry Rate," having items that refer to it as something else makes me angry.Ideally everything should refer to the stat as Parry Rate, and the hovertext should match the format of Block Rate to say:"Average chance to parry a melee attack from a target of the same level.Buffs to this stat additively increase your Parry Rate by their stated amount.Only applies when using a melee weapon."Might be too late to sneak that text fix into 4.0, but i'll fix it in my files either way to get it headed down the pipeline. Thanks!EDIT: Typo in new suggested tooltip. Dishonor on me, dishonor on my family.

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