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12-12-2017, 05:00 PM
I tested this last night and it is correct. On the pts the worm compost was DECREASED by 50% not increased
this patch note is NOT correct. I have tested the bait worms and the amount is cut in half. Currently on live you get 44 to 51 bait worms for 15 labor. on PTS i checked last night and confirmed you get 24 to 26 bait worms for the same labor. also, the patch notes say 100 gilda for cottages. This is also incorrect.. I checked last night and mirage had them for 15 gilda and the market had a 16x16 cottage bundle for 15 gilda. ***nothing in patch notes about vocation being awarded when harvesting, gathering, logging or mining. *wild sing plants - 1 vocation received *planted single plants - 1 vocation received *Muddy Fields Harvested on upgraded housing - 17 vocation received *seed Bundles - 17 vocation received *Upgraded farm house gathering spots ( 2 on roof, 1 under stairs, 1 on back) - 1 vocation received. It appears that both of these mistakes comes from the KR version of the notes. Basically, KR has different values than we did, hence the note on Gilda Stars being wrong, and the information on worms increasing rather than decreasing. (It would have been an increase in Korea, but it's a decrease for us.) We'll talk to the team about the worms change, but we'll keep the Gilda Stars equal to the prices you see on PTS, and will update the notes to reflect that.

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