View Full Version : Quillodon: Question about 16x16 Scarecrow quest.

12-18-2017, 01:10 PM
1) The Trading Guide can now be found in your Hero Hall. (Marianople for the west, Austera for the east.) Check there first. If they don't have a quest for you, try below:2) Be at least level 30, then speak to Tasha in Halcyona, outside the Blue Salt Headquarters in Solisa. She'll start you on a new Blue Salt questline. One you've completed that questline at least up to "Earning Your Garden" (the last quest in Halcyona), you should be able to speak to the Trading Guide and do your trade run quests.Hope that helps,-Quill Hello again, Meadow!Has he completed the steps I listed above?If so, please have him check each of the following locations to see if he can pick up his trade run quests where they left off:1) Intro donkey quest: Trading Guide at your hero Hall.2) 1st trade run: Community Center Manager in Dewstone (west) or Mahadevi (east).3) 2nd trade run: Specialty Buyer in Two Crowns (west) or Austera (east).4) Return to Trading Guide to receive 16x16 Scarecrow Farm.

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