View Full Version : Quillodon: Question about 16x16 Scarecrow quest.

12-18-2017, 03:40 PM
Yeah, apparently the quest you're now required to be level 50 and no one mentioned it in the many tickets he submitted? He hit level 50 today and I guess the quest popped up for him finally. So there's the answer to that question I suppose for those that are having issues. It's no longer level 30, but now level 50. I'll be damned. Thank you for the report, Meadow. It would appear that every other quest in that questline only requires lv30, but the FINAL trade run--which asks you to sail across the sea and rewards the 16x16 Scarecrow Farm--currently requires level 50.I hope you'll forgive CS; our quest info document currently says "level 30" for that. I'll forward this to them at once so they can ask XL which is the intended requirement.

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